Tim Bastmeyer is a Canadian musician, multi instrumentalist, producer, and recording engineer. Aside from his own music Tim has been engineering and producing for clients in music, television, and film.


50 Cent-Blood In The Sand Trailer-Foley Recordist

Jerome Godboo-Golden Thread-Record/Mix/Produce

Orit Shimoni-Bare Bones-Record/Mix

Orit Shimoni-Bitter Is The New Sweet-Record/Mix

Marinda + Solari-Motif-Record

Leah Speers-No Escape-Record

Brian Milroy-Truth and Lies-Record

Steve Porter-Sacred Room-Mix

Marinda + Solari-Cup Of Tea-Record

Kris Brethour-Asleep On The Tracks-Guitar

Actov Life-Self Titled-Record/Guitar

Active life-Jungle Crazy Politics-Guitar

Dead Rabbitz-Record/Mix/Drums

Abundance Flows-Record/Mix

Desmond Grundy-Oddly Enough-Record

Brooke Farrell-The Lion-Record/Mix

Tanner Potter-How It Felt-Record/Mix

London Hammer-What Happened Here-Record/Mix

Something That Is Green-It's Called Life-Record/Mix

Team Epic-Foley Recordist

Capturing A Short life-Foley Recordist

Twenty 7 Ghosts-Record/Mix

Kim O'Connor-Record/Mix

Swingshift Big Band-Live At The Capital Theatre-Record/Mix

The Sean Stanley Quartet-Record

Colin Murphy-Record

The Goatbox Rebels-Women, Revenge and the Cosmos-Record/Mix



Tim Bastmeyer-Live at Harlows 

Tim Bastmeyer-Graveyard 

Tim Bastmeyer-Self Titled 

Tim Bastmeyer and Jerome Tucker-Self Titled 

Tim Bastmeyer's All Star Blues Band 

The Tim Bastmeyer Project

The Blues Tribe-Record



2016 Cobalt Composition Award  

2009/2011 Durham Region Music Award Nominee  

Show Highlights  

Biohazard New World Disorder Tour Germany

Rose Tattoo 25 to Life Tour England/Scotland

Piston Tour Germany

Energy Festival Amsterdam

  Tom Wilson-Music By The Bay live Opening Act    

Rik Emmett-Uxbridge Music Hall Opening Act

Kitchener Blues Festival  

Beaches Jazz Festival  

Orangeville Blues Festival  

Wasaga Beach Blues Festival  

Blues At The Station Collingwood    

Copper Kettle Festival Creemore  

  John Primer-Rainbow Ottawa Opening Act  

  Nathan Phillips Square Toronto  

Ice Festival Jordan  

Historic Crystal Palace Picton  

Buzz Music Festival   

Marsh Hill Music Festival